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Post by Lounger on Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:24 pm

What is Promotion-Tools?
Promotion Tools is a new promotion forum that is going to be great! Our objective is to combine forum promoting with webmaster resources. We not only want to help your forum, website, or blog to get noticed, we are also their on the support and resource side of things. You will find that our staff is respectable and there to help you and your forum. Right now we just offer the basic and common forum services. But we hope to expand and create several new forum services as we grow into a community.

Why Should I choose Promotion Tools?
We hope to become the next generation promotion forum. We hope to add services, features, and other things never seen on other forums. Basic services such as Posting Packages, and Review Services are on Promotion Tools. Then we have other services, such as Review Tool, Signature Services, and more! So we are aiming to be different and be successful.


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