Requesting Rules

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Requesting Rules

Post by Monster on Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:43 am

Hello Guest,
Please note, The Graphics Designers have a life so please be patient.
Also, you need to use the full code below when requesting or your topic will be Rejected.


What Size?:
What would you like?:
Website's URL:
Text to insert:
Background Colors: (This includes Transparent)
Text Colors:
IMG's you want:
Extra Comments:

It costs to request graphics, but only forum points.

» Banners: 30 Tokens
» Ranks: 5 Tokens per rank.
» Userbar: 20 Tokens
» Avatar: 20 Tokens
» Button: 8 Tokens per button.
» Affliate: 15 Tokens
» Favicons: 10 Tokens

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