Inadequacy of housing services and the need to develop it

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Inadequacy of housing services and the need to develop it

Post by Martha on Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:46 am

Along with the available dwellings, it is necessary to provide essential services like water supply, toilet and bathroom facilities, electricity etc to a large number of people.  It has been observed that on the whole only 52.2 percent of the urban houses are provided with these facilities.  The number of houses requiring these facilities is estimated to be 13.4 million.  Generally speaking, the tiled and semi-tiled houses were devoid of such essential housing services altogether in some parts of Kerala.
The proliferation of slums in Kerala is one aspect that has fuelled the increasing stress on civic amenities in the urban areas.  This is much evident in the emerging cities of Trivandrum, Kochi and Kozhikode and also in other places like Thrissur and Kannur.  Consider the power situation in the prominent cities of the state.  Even in the rural areas of Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, people do not have access to sufficient voltage to power certain electrical equipments.  Such houses are poorly lit after sunset.  All this needs to change, even though it is easier said than done due to the precarious power situation in the state.
Thus, a time bound goal oriented approach is needed to tackle this problem.  A city can be called as a developed city only if all the people residing in the city have access to safe drinking water and essential sanitation facilities.  Today in the major cities of the state, only people with high incomes can afford to install adequate sanitation facilities and dig huge open wells to meet their immediate fresh water requirements.
The cost of Real Estate in Kerala always moves up and down according to the availability and non-availability of proper sanitation facilities and its proximity to developed parts of the cities.  Even though old buildings are giving way to new ultra modern building structures, some of the big old bungalows with enough open spaces and proper sanitation facilities now fetch high prices mainly due to the reusability of the site with minimum alterations.


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