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Post by Monster on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:00 am

Spamming and going off topic on these forums is forbidden, and may result in warnings. SPAM means Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. Of course you are allowed to create forum games and so on, but everything must be understandable and FUN!

Here at ZON everybody is friends; we're family. Therefore, nobody should argue or flame each other, as this may ruin peoples experience on the forum. Swearing also counts pretty much as disrespect, so we do not advice this. If you're really freaked, please don't let this overrun the members.

Arguing and disrespecting staff
The staff members of this forum has earned respect from the founder and administrators, and has proved themself great for the community, so please avoid getting in trouble with them. They have the right to remind, warn and ban members. If you feel some moderator is abusing his power or being generally rude, feel free to PM the founder.

Colors, bold and font size
Colors and bold is reserved for moderation, although you may use a tiny bit of bold for highlighting a certain part of your message. That means you can use bold, but not in whole messages or setnences. Also, huge and small fonts is hard to read, therefore avoid using this exept for on headings in articles and topics.

Copyright violence
Copyright is international law, and breaking copyrights will get you banned ASAP. We suggest you go creative, or atleast stick to tutorials which is allowed to be used commercially. Copyright violence is hardly punished, so this rule is most for your own safety.

Advertising by PM and on the forums is forbidden unless in sections which clearly states that you're allowed to it. You are allowed to post links, but not to your own sites. You may post your own links if you're asked by a staff member.

Racism, violence and that kind of stuff
We do NOT tolerate racism of any kind. Racism and violence will get your post removed and yourself banned ASAP.

Illegal/bad links & pictures
Illegal download links is not allowed here on ZON. We want a safe community for everybody to use, so illegal and/or bad links should never be posted. This includes links to violence sites, illegal download sites and viruses. Bad images of any kinds is also not allowed, and will get you banned.

Habits to avoid
- Please avoid double posting, it doesn't look too nice. Accidental hiccups will be deleted, but please try to avoid this.
- Please avoid swearing, but if it's needed, please get it out, but not towards a member
- Please avoid advertising
- Please avoid SMS language and only smileys in posts. This is SPAM.

ChatBox rules
1. Asking for support in the chatbox is forbidden unless you ask first and get a yes.
2. Advertising in the chatbox is strongly forbidden and will only get you warned and then banned.
3. Images in the chatbox is not allowed - Post Links Only Please.
4. We allow colors and bold in the CB.

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