Onnerb has become exclusive partners with ZoneOnNet!

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Onnerb has become exclusive partners with ZoneOnNet!

Post by Saxaca on Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:03 am


Me and Monster has been discussing a lot lately, and we eventually ended up with being partners. This will have benefits for both parts, it will generate traffic.. and cool stuff.

I've also decided to put up some scripts here, giving the forum.. uh.. life. The only bad thing is that Monster don't know enough coding; so he don't know how hard it really is Whhh!

Anyways, since we now have partnered, even more updates will come in the future; to both forums. You may also notice an sudden rise in the count of tutorials, as both forum will be sharing those. <3

For those who don't know; the scripts are copyrighted (C), which means that stealing them without my (since I'm the scripter) permission may have their site deleted.

If you don't really know what I have done to this forum; here's an list:
» Made customized footer
» Replaced the Home link with an top link (on the front page)
» Made what possibly is the only pro-looking legend on an PhpBB3 board
» Designed & fixed parts of the skin
» Contributed with tutorials

We hope you find this update useful.

The Administrator team

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Re: Onnerb has become exclusive partners with ZoneOnNet!

Post by Monster on Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:07 am

Big credit goes to Saxaca for all the effort and help he puts into this forum.
As stated benefit will go to both forums, You will see an increase in activity at both sides.

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